Undeniable Bajinya announces her new online shop


Following the overwhelming support of the local community, select Undeniable Bajinya designs are now available as made-to-order in her new online shop.

LAKEWOOD WA, Aug 10, 2021—Undeniable Bajinya, arbiter of unique, high-end fashions announces a new e-commerce shop, delivering a convenient way for fashion lovers to order custom-made garments online.

Natalie Bajinya, under the label Undeniable Bajinya, designs one-of-a-kind fashions and made-to-order couture pieces. In addition to her new online Shop, customers can visit the Undeniable Bajinya salon in Lakewood, Washington, or peruse the online Lookbook to select designs to be made in the fabric and size of choice.

It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that I announce the launch of my new online shop showcasing some of my favorite designs. My love of fabric drives my passion to design and sew beautiful garments and I am thrilled to share that passion with you through my unique offerings.” —Nathalie Bajinya


Bajinya’s freedom in combining patterns and textures, playing with vivid colors and motifs and a thoughtful concept of an extremely creative designer allow for unique, fresh, ingenious interpretations of high-end designs.

Craftsmanship, attention to detail, artistry, and imagination are but a few of the words that describe the talent, skill, and spectrum of styles in Bajinya’s repertoire of work. From colorful vibrant African print fabrics and textiles to soft delicate gowns, wedding apparel, and classic American looks, it is undeniable that Bajinya’s got style.






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